Design and Technology teaching resources and problem solving activities for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

The Design Process – and the role of Design Folders in assessment of Designing and Making

Structures – how structures work and are constructed


Mechanisms – how combinations of gears and levers do useful work.


 Multimeters – what they measure and how to use them 

                     FU2lampsS2.97V12ndlamp.JPG      Multimeter.JPG 

Electrical Switching – how to control lights and motors

                     2lamps&multimeter.jpg   DPDTRelayreverse.JPG

Electronic Sensing and Control – sensing the environment to control devices


Digital Electronics – use logical combinations to control how things work.

                                   digital logic cicuit 
Programmable IC's using "crumble" software
                                  buggy no wires 2

Integrating Design Assignments apply concepts from various disciplines.

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